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Projects with * have pictures in the Gallery page

Project Name - success or fail - year project started - Location or Supervisor - My role - How much of the project I completed

Tilt-Assist-Tray - success - 2021/2022 - MSOE Senior Project - 20%

the chosen senior design project. A device to stabilize a drinking tray so servers don't spill beers during the walk from bar to a table. My contribution was buying and testing a 24V battery. 

The Caveman CubeSat - failed - 2021 - MSOE Senior Project - 75%

interviewed and selected best students for a senior design project. Researched past undergraduate CubeSat projects. Found the CubeSat emulator by Amateur radio club and ordered all the parts. Received a quote for a CubeSat with academic discount at $6k including testing from a weather balloon. Project fell apart for multiple reasons: my attention became split between family and college, students didn't want to get a bad grade, professors never heard of a CubeSat, general fear of failure. 


Video Game Server  *- success - 2021 - Independent Project (Owner) - 100%

built a community version of DayZ. Created and presented PowerPoint to players I selected for the moderator role. Created xml, json, c and steam mod files. Used remote desktop connection to work on Windows Server 2016 from US OVH Cloud. Setup AWS server, I think it was ec2, but the virtual server did not work as well as the dedicated server from OVH. Used Nitrado Servers with FileZilla and it was a time consuming process, so OVH remains. Additionally, built a website and discord for the community. Applied for and received monetization right from Bohemia Interactive company. 


Single Cycle Processor - success - 2020 - MSOE course - 85%

wrote VHDL logic in Quartus Prime then used RTL to check our work. Uploaded programming to DE10-Dev Board. This acted as a single cycle processor to complete math. 


Autonomous Robot * - success - 2021 - MSOE Course - 80%

a robot was built at MSOE embedded systems course to follow a black line, slow down if dark, stop if something obstructs the path and doe a 360degree spin and shut down when it meets a full-stop intersection. My robot won 4th place in the class race. 

Controller Input Adapter * - mixed results - 2020 - Personal, Tundra Labs - Team Leader - 90%

an adapter to enable ps4 "Dual Shock" controller to work in computer powered virtual realty. I did all the work on the project save for the discussions between students at the start and 3D printed model made by a student which didn't work for many reasons. The device should theoretically work, each part of the project worked on its own but I made some mistakes in integration and now am stuck in repairing it. 


AutoSnack * - success - 2019/2020 - Advanced Technology Club - President/Project Lead - 50%

a vending machine was bought, fixed and used at the Advanced Technology Club 2020. My contribution was convincing the club to do it, finding and bringing the vending machine, overseeing diagnostics and repair of the machine.


BE3DTONY * - success - 2019/2020 - Advanced Technology Club - President/Project Member - 25%

a delta printer (3D Printer) was donated, fixed and used at Advanced Technology Club 2020. My contribution was explaining how a 3d printer works to students and assisting in diagnostics of the device. 


Mixed Reality Room - failed (?) - 2019 - Tundra Labs - Intern - 70%

designed and built a mixed reality room as an intern at Tundra Labs. Required designing a computer to meet needs to run HTV VIVE wirelessly and Liv software. Ordered the parts and assembled computer. Designed the green room, picked camera, lighting, flooring. The system worked for a while but failed at the customer demonstration. 

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