Summer 2021 - Fall 2021
The team: Ezechel Barsan
Moderators: Sniper-Goddess, Danoid45, OutlawSniper, SilentSloth and Douglas

The video game DayZ owned by Bohemia Interactive allows players to create custom version of the game called community severs. I created "Mordecai's Purge", a server with 60+ mods (mods are packets of code created by other players/programmers which can modify the server).
I created a Discord server and Website for the community as well. 

The website was a requirement and part of the process to receive monetization right from Bohemia Interactive for the server.

  • Used the Discord web hook to send in-game chat to discord channel

  • Used remote desktop connection to access the US OVH Cloud dedicated server. 

  • Setup server manually about a dozen time, then used Omega Manager to quickly setup a basic server. 

  • Created/modified  C files, XML files, JSON files. 

  • Created PowerPoints and trained moderators and admins

  • Applied for and receive monetization right from Bhomeia Interactive. 

  • Created website, discord server.

  • Probably installed over 150 mods, not at one time but over the lifetime

  • The amount of files to modify or create - in Visual Studio Code.



An application for players to communicate

I created a discord server to accompany the DayZ video game server. Here players can interact outside of the video game, post funny pictures, ask moderators for help, and much more.


Rules were created so everyone on the server can have maximum amount of fun. The rules help players from accidentally ruining other peoples fun. If a player begins ruining another players fun, then the moderators warmly remind players of rules and (if necessary) discipline the player.