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January 2020 - Fall 2020

The Team: Ezechel Barsan, Jonah 
Tundra Labs Advisor: Luke Beno

The Controller Input Adapter attaches to a DualShock Controller or PS4 controller and enables the controller to be used in the computer powered Virtual Reality system (SteamVR).

Jonah designed the first 3D model. 

Advisor provided advice, the Tundra Labs Reference Design HDK, Arduino SPI look up table and answered questions during the project. Additionally the advisor provided extra devices which were tested for use in this application.

I designed the second CIA prototype in Fusion360,  generate best locations for the optical sensors, calibrated the sensors, calibrated the imu, created the JSON file, modified the JSON file, uploaded to the HDK, soldered components, chose and ordered design parts, programmed the Arduino Zero, found PS4 library for use, uploaded project to hackaday and took a nap.


Testing of the SteamVR live input. This demonstration shows the input system working to send the DualShock controller inputs live to the Virtual Reality system.

Inputs Verification

Tracking Verification

The CIA model was designed in Fusion360, tested and refined using the OpenSCAD software. Once the model passed the requirements of tracking software the next step was to attach the TundraLabs dev kit to it and calibrate it. Once calibrated, it passed our tracking verification test as seen in this video.

Tracking Verification


Combining the input and tracking system

The input and tracking systems were successfully integrated into the CIA software, however I was unable to complete a config file for the SteamVR system.

These non-working files are part of the integration work. These files are free for others to try for educational purposes but not for Resale/commercial/business use.

Integration Files


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