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Page Summary

  • ABET BS in Electrical Engineering from MSOE

  • Internship​

  • Leadership

  • Volunteer/Community service

  • Personal Projects

    • VR Project - Embedded Systems​

    • Video Game Server - Software

  • School Projects

    • Digital Signal Processing​ - remove tone from audio file

    • VHDL - DE10 FPGA Single Cycle Processor

    • Model/Sim of Dynamic Systems - Bond Graphs, Matlab, OpenModelica

    • Embedded Systems - MSP432 Autonomous Racing robot


May 2020 | GPA 3.22

- Digital Logic, Sequential, Registers

- Circuit Theory


- Op-Amps 
- Linear Electronics: BJT, JFET, Filters

- Data Comm: Networking, Network Protocols

- Power Electricity: Motors

- Automation: PLC, HMI Programming/Design

- Technical Reporting

August 2022 | GPA 2.78

- Signals and Circuits

- Design of Logic Systems

- Embedded Systems

- Dynamic Systems

- Analog Electronics

- Intro to Object Oriented Programing

- Signals and Systems

- Control Systems

- Electric and Magnetic Fields

- Digital Signal Processing

- Principles of Communication

- Electromagnetic Waves

- Physics of Semiconductor Materials an Devices

Work experience

Work Experience


Reoccurring Intern | Green Bay, WI USA

January 2019 - September 2022 (Seasonal)

Tundra Labs was founded in 2018 and received $1.38 million in crowd funding in 2021 for the Virtual Reality Tundra Tracker



- Designed VirtualBox Ubuntu environment with ROS, Moveit, ProbotStudio to control a robot arm initiated with python script to predetermined poses

- Test Tundra Track 2021

- Quality control of circuit boards

- Debug of circuit boards

- Gather data on new devices

- Create Mixed Reality Room 

Community Service

Community Service

Webmaster | | February 2022- Present

Created website, Facebook Page and setup Google Workspace with Email, Voice and Groups. Presently maintaining site and associated items.

Volunteer | Women in Technology Wisconsin | Spring 2020

Created a YouTube demo for new programmers.



Advanced Technology Club
September 2019 - May 2020

Lead a room full of students into two projects - and succeeded! Elevated most social student to Public Relation Officer.

Vice President
Google Developer Club
September 2020 - May 2021

Helped guide the club during COVID and recruited new Officer.


Relevant Courses

Applied VHDL to FPGA Developer Board

Embedded Systems

Built robot car. Achieved 4th place in class race.

Digital SIgnal Processing

Applied theory to remove noise from audio.

Model/Simulation of dynamic systems

Learn to model behavior of dynamic systems with bond graphs and simulation. 

Design of Logic Systems

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